Empowered Taxes: Tax Basics for Entrepreneurs

It's time you feel empowered, capable, and confident as you grow your business.

If you feel stress and anxiety when it comes to taxes, if it feels overwhelming, or if you're not sure you're "doing it right," then this course is for you! 

This 9 module, self-paced course is designed to walk you through the basics of taxes and give you the resources to confidently fill out your Schedule C. You'll get downloadable templates, videos, and a workbook to refer back to! To top it off, this course has TWO bonus lessons!

Here's an overview of the topics this course covers:

  • Sole Proprietor vs LLC
  • How to track profit & loss and your receipts
  • Understanding the different filing statuses, types of taxes, and thresholds
  • Important due dates
  • A step-by-step guide to filling out your Schedule C
  • Reporting Income through Form 1099
  • Capitalizing on all deductions, including home office and auto deductions
  • How to estimate and pay your taxes
  • Working with the IRS  
  • Two bonus lessons: How to Pay Yourself as an Entrepreneur and Understanding Estimated Tax Payments

What you'll get:

  • A printable course workbook 
  • All the information you need for tax season organized correctly
  • Reduced stress and increased confidence
  • A direct roadmap of when everything is due - no more confusion!


Imagine being able to confidently manage your business finances, maximize your deductions, and minimize your tax liabilities. Doesn't that sound empowering? 

I can't wait to help you make life as a business owner a little easier. 


$349.00 USD